April Fool Walk to Spes Bona Forest

We are meeting on Boyes Drives at the Ou Kraal path near Westray Steps at 7.30 to go and look for the April Fool flowers in Spes Bona Forest. Two years ago these Haemanthus coccineus flowers were spectacular but that is not always the case. In his book Table Mountain Walks, Colin Paterson-Jones writes, "In the Spes Bona Forest there is a large population of Haemanthus coccineus (April fool flowers); their pairs of broad, strap-shaped leaves (lying flat on the ground) carpet the forest floor. This population of plants never flowers but reproduces vegetatively. Clearly the spot where they grow was, some time in the past, not covered by trees."
But these photos prove that they do sometimes flower! Will we be lucky this year?