Searching for Paradise

Having just finished reading Defiance: The life and choices of Lady Anne Barnard by Stephen Taylor, I thought it would be fun to try and find the ruins of the woodcutters house called "Paradise" that she and her husband used as an escape from work and the big city during the 5 years that she spent in the Cape. We have often stumbled upon them on the fringes on Newlands Forest, but I am not too sure how to get to them, so - armed with a map - we can try on Sunday.
We will meet at the carpark at the Newlands Forest Fire Station off Union Avenue M3 where we will leave some cars and drive to Cecilia Forest carpark.
For a PDF download, click here.
From Cecilia carpark, we will walk up to the Contour Path and along to the path just beyond The Aloes scree slope where we will drop down into Newlands Forest and search for the ruins. Some of the walk is not quite as flat as the word "contour" implies, and some of it involves a bit of boulder hopping across scree slopes, but generally it is not a difficult walk. It should take us between 3 and 4 hours depending on tea and view stops. And hopefully, we will find the ruins of Paradise at the end. They are pretty close to the carpark where we can ferry drivers back to their cars at Cecilia.
The ruins of  Paradise showing what is apparently one of the gables of the original house.

A reconstruction of what the woodcutter's cottage looked like when the Barnards stayed there during their time in the Cape from 1797-1802.
Dog friendly - but bring your SANParks dog walkers activity card in case we are asked, and dogs must be on a lead on the Contour path above Kirstenbosch.