Woodstock Cave

One place we have never visited is Woodstock Cave. So, lets brave the Devils Peak muggers, and go and investigate. Meet at the Gim Tree Carpark at 7h45. About 3 hours with tea and a few diversions. 

The Cape Town Magazine hiking site describes it as follows: 
Tafelberg Road to Woodstock Cave
Get to the lower Table Mountain cable station and continue along Tafelberg Road until cars are no longer allowed. Park your car (or continue walking) and pass the road barrier. Walk for a few kilometres along the beautiful tarred road, enjoy the views and colourful flowers. At the end of the tarred section, walk a further 100 metres on the dirt road and you will see a metal gate with stone pillars. The hike up to the cave begins a few steps before this gate; it is a little bit hidden. The route zigzags its way slowly up the slope and will bring you to Woodstock Cave’s mouth.
 It is a comfortable one hour walk up to the cave, so plan 2.5 to 3 hours including a picnic at the cave.